Porta Asìa


Where: Via Gramsci - 40066 Pieve di Cento (BO)

Porta Asìa - Orizzonti di pianura
Porta Asìa - Orizzonti di pianura

East entrance of the village there is the renowned Porta Asia (the gate named after the nearby village Asilia). This is the most popular of the four gates of Pieve, an inspiration of many folk songs. The replacement of the original structure in wood with the masonry goes back to 1342.


The Asia door is not a simple defense structure, but consists of two distinct parts: a stem with a drawbridge and pedestrian door and a rear structure of defense, a small fortified castle.


The look of the door is just slightly changed because of the fall of the battlements, the decay of wooden structures, the  camouflaging with the houses behind them dating back to 19th century.


Renovated in 1981, the gate is now home to the Documentation Centre on the processing of hemp. There are preserved photographs, documents, tools (all donated by people), which testify to the importance of hemp production in the local economy until a few years ago.


Timetable: from March to November, open on the fourth Sunday of the month (10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm) or on demand

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