Festa di San Giuseppe


Patron saint celebration

Let's paint the square! - Comune di Pieve di Cento
Let's paint the square! - Comune di Pieve di Cento

Where: Piazza Andrea Costa and historic centre - 40066 Pieve di Cento (BO)
: 19/03/2019



The celebration of the Pieve's patron saint will take place in the historical centre of the town, known in the past as the "little Bologna" for its long porticoes. 


Music and performances will surround the core of the event: the traditional and suggestive release of the doves. The feast will also "bring color" to the streets, meaning that the children will be asked to paint the town with colored drawing chalk.


There will be also the chance to eat traditional gnocchini and crescentine in the food stand run by the ProLoco and the shop keepers' association.


The event can be an occasion to visit the historical theatre "Alice Zeppilli" in Pieve di Cento, named after the world-famous soprano that had a bond with Pieve. The theatre is housed in the 16-17th century Palazzo Comunale (City Hall) of Pieve di Cento and is used for theatrical and musical performances since 1785. Recent works have restored the stalls and foyer to their original functions. The original furnishing has also been restored, as well as the painted sections and the stuccoes. The theatre also houses a small Music Museum, with articles from the life of Alice Zeppilli, as well as documents and musical instruments from the local lute-makers' workshop.


Info on the event

Timetable: to be defined

Entrance: free entry 

Organization: Comune di Pieve di Cento

Info: Ufficio Relazioni con il Pubblico, Comune di Pieve di Cento

Ph. 0039 051 686211

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