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L' inftidura dal ninén

"L' inftidura dal ninén" - Pro loco Mezzolara di Budrio
"L' inftidura dal ninén" - Pro loco Mezzolara di Budrio

Pork delights, 15th edition

Where: piazza Baldini - 40054 Mezzolara di Budrio (BO)
When: February 25, 2018



Event with the traditional pork meat processing in the central square of Mezzolara (8 km from Budrio). "Inftidura" (investiture) means the stuffing of pork meat into the pork bladder, then tied with a twine: a custom of the past that was held in the yard of every country house. By extension the word refers to the day of processing of cured and fresh pork meats.


This 15th edition of the event uses as a title the dialect words related to the traditional meat processing (Inftidura), where the dialect word for pig is "ninèn". 


A special highlight for all gourmets and lovers of traditional cuisine: sausages, chops, ribs and, particularly and pork cracklings ("ciccioli"), which are cooked in pots like in ancient times, are prepared and served. The stand runned by the Pro site (Pro loco) provides indeed culinary delights (tigelle, crescentine, sausages, polenta and cold cuts).


The pork products can also be purchased on site along with cheeses and other typical products. 



The pork processing tradition in Mezzolara can also be proud of an historical recognition. In 1910 Eugenia Bonaparte, the widow of Napoleon III, stopped here during the visit to her own land properties. On that occasion she praised the local shipshape way of working in the fields and lauded "les excellents jambons", namely "the delicious hams" that were hung in the homesteaders' houses.

Info on the event

Timetable: to be defined

Entry: free admission

Organization: Pro loco di Mezzolara

Ph.  0039 051 805209 or 333 5312882

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