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Torta di riso


Rice cake

"Torta di riso" served in diamond-shaped slices- Provincia di Bologna (Lilia Collina)
"Torta di riso" served in diamond-shaped slices- Provincia di Bologna (Lilia Collina)

The rice cake is a typical dessert of Bologna and surroundings. The recipe has spread to several towns in the plains. This recipe has been collected in Anzola.


The cake is tied to the feast of Corpus Christi, called the festa degli "addobbi". In this occasion the image of Corpus Christi was carried in procession and the exterior of the houses was decorated with banners (the "addobbi").


In the countryside - Babette explains in "La Cucina della Prateria Bolognese" - this festival is celebrated by dividing each village into 4 districts and each district celebrates once every 4 years, in rotation, while in the parishes of the city the event celebrate the anniversary of 10 years.



  •      1 liter of fresh milk
  •      125 grams of rice
  •      100 g of almonds
  •      100 g of candied citron
  •      250 g sugar
  •      50 g vanilla sugar
  •      5 eggs
  •      Lemon zest
  •      Icing sugar
  •      Mandorla amara Liquor (bitter almond)


Cook rice in milk with the lemon zest, which will then removed. Allow to rest for a few hours (preferably overnight). Add eggs, sugar, almonds and citron chopped well and pour into a greased baking pan. Bake at very moderate heat for about 50/60 minutes.

After baking, the cake is soaked with liquor and left to rest at least one day. The cake is served cut into diamond-shaped slices.

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