Borgo del Riso


An ancient paddy field with a small farm museum...

Where: Via Rondanina, 12 - 40062 Molinella (BO)

Il Borgo del Riso
Il Borgo del Riso

An ancient rice field back into operation, where you can find the old cycle of the cereal production in a large, protected natural wetland. The paddy rice is inside Borgo del Riso, a farm in the neighborhood of Selva Malvezzi (12 kms. from Molinella). The farm is run by a cooperative that has created also a small farm museum.


In Selva Malvezzi the first rice paddy was set up between 1805 and 1810. The building that now houses the headquarters of the farm underwent a remarkable transformation: from a simple warehouse it became a dryer, which remained active until about 1955.


After further water reclamation and the radical change that has characterized last century's life since the '50s, the wetland was disappearing. The Borgo del Riso's aim is to make known the surroundings natural environment which meets all the standars that characterize wetlands.


The Cooperativa agricola lavoratori cristiani from Molinella (Christian rural Workers' cooperative) which manages the farm was established on March 20 1949 by a group of Molinella's workers. The estate is approximately 390 acres, divided into two steadings located in the municipal area of Molinella: the “Cavaliera” (Knigth) and the “Boscosa” (Wooded area).


The cuisine offers the prestigious Carnaroli rice and its derivatives (beer, sweets, etc.), but also the other products: beef, pork, rabbits, free range chickens, lamb, venison and freshwater fish, fruit and vegetables, handmade pasta, cakes and liqueurs.


From February 2011 it is also a showcase for tasting and purchase of a selected range of food and wine products from the province of Bologna and from the Emilia-Romagna region.


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