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Mondine at work - Organizzazioni operaie autonome di Molinella
Mondine at work - Organizzazioni operaie autonome di Molinella

The word “mondina” (rice-worker) brings to mind a world full of work, passion and songs, immortalized by the film by Giuseppe De Santis Riso Amaro, with Silvana Mangano and Vittorio Gassman.


The famous songs of the mondine, called “cantoni”, were not only cheerful songs, but also a form of vocal protest.


In Molinella in 1883, the first strike of rice-workers in Italy was organized. From then on, this area was the epicentre of large-scale, repeated industrial action, which involved up to a thousand rice-workers. These bitter, long-term strikes to reduce working hours ended in 1912 with the introduction of an eight-hour working day.


Another significant event in the struggle happened during the period of Fascism: from the 12th to the 20th June 1944 the rice-workers of Molinella, Medicina, Galliera, Bentivoglio, San Pietro in Casale, Malabergo, Baricella, Minerbio and San Giovanni in Persiceto joined in the strike called by the clandestine unions. Sixty years after the first strike, their demands were still a kilo of rice, a hot meal at midday and a new bicycle tyre...

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