Napoleone and the Duchy of Galliera


The estate bought by the emperor

Portrait of Napoleone by Vincenzo Baldacci - Pinacoteca comunale di Cesena
Portrait of Napoleone by Vincenzo Baldacci - Pinacoteca comunale di Cesena

The Galliera's name is known in various European cities (Paris, Stockholm, Bologna, Genoa) thanks to the presence of Napoleon in this part of the territory of Bologna plain.


In 1812 Napoleon buys a large property from the local landlord Antonio Aldini. It consists of 52 funds of earth dedicated to the cultivation of rice on a large scale.

In 1813 the emperor invests this estate with the title of "Duchy of Galliera" and gives it as a dowry to his niece Josephine Eugenie Beauharnais, daughter of the Viceroy of Italy and acquired granddaughter of Napoleon.

Josephine Eugenia has already received from her grandfather the residence of the senatorial family Caprara, in Bologna, now  headquarters of the Prefecture. Palazzo Caprara became the seat of government of the Duchy under the name of Palazzo Galliera.

In 1823, Josephine Eugenia married Oscar, Prince of Sweden. The artistic heritage of the building is moved to Sweden: the "collection Galliera" still constitutes an important section of the picture gallery of the court of Stockholm.

After the fall of Napoleon, in 1837 both Caprara Palace and the keeping of Galliera are sold to the Marquis de Ferrari from Genoa. In this city the Duchess Mari created the Galliera hospitals and in Paris she left Galliera Palace, now the seat of the Fashion museum with one of the streets that flank the museum called "Rue Galliera."
At the beginning of the twentieth century the Duchy of Galliera in Bologna plain is divided and offered for sale by its last owners, Antonio and Eulalia de Bourbon d'Orléans, youngest son of King Louis Philippe of France.

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