Impianto idrovoro di Bagnetto


Water-Pumping Plant of Bagnetto

Where: Località Bagnetto - 40050 Castello d'Argile (BO)

Water-Pumping Plant of Bagnetto - Consorzio Bonifica Reno-Palata
Water Pumping Plant of Bagnetto - Consorzio Bonifica Reno-Palata

The water-pumping plant of Bagnetto is situated in the territory of Castello d'Argile near the confluence of the Samoggia and Reno.


It was built in 1925 and was further developed in the 1980s with an architectural style similar to a massive medieval fort.


Together with the nearby naturalistic area of ecological restructuring in the Dosolo Flood-Basin , it is one of the major land reclamation works and hydraulic systems to have permitted cultivation and settlement in this area, once extremely swampy.


This building houses the instruments which control the majority of the surface water in the territory, allowing the introduction of water from the “Acque Basse” Canal manifold into the Reno.


The Water Eco-Museum , which illustrates the millenary history of water in the Bolognese plain, is also a part of this area.


The Water-Pumping Plant of Bagnetto is managed by the Consorzio della Bonifica Renana.


Ph. 0039 348 0119208

For guided tour please contact Ecomuseo dell Acqua, via Zeccarelli 16, Padulle (Sala Bolognese).

Free guided visits to the plant take place by previous booking or on the occasion of events.
The entrance to the Dosolo Flood-Basin is free, both by feet or bycicle, during the daytime and in accordance with the indicated rules.


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