Archivio storico del Consorzio dei Partecipanti


Historical Archive of the Consorzio dei partecipanti di San Giovanni in Persiceto

Where: Corso Italia, 45 - 40017 San Giovanni in Persiceto (BO)

Historical Archive - Consorzio dei partecipanti di San Giovanni in Persiceto
Historical Archive - Consorzio dei partecipanti di San Giovanni in Persiceto

The "Consorzio dei Partecipanti" of San Giovanni in Persiceto is a group of people that, since many years and according to ancient regulations, manage the collective ownership of land by assigning pieces of land among the associates for 9 years-long periods.


The Consortium is an agricultural association with legal status since 1994 and owns wide plots of land and some buildings. These assets come from imperial or ecclesiastical concessions to ancient Persiceto community, composed by local resident and peasants immigrated on purpose to get plots of swampy, wooded or meadowy land by virtue of the medioeval law of  emphyteusis (long lease). 


The emphyteutic leases included the obligation to make improvements, like reclaiming and making the land cultivable, that durably increase the value of the land (ad meliorandum clause), plus the payment of a small rent and the obligation of stable residence, upon pain of the loss of the concession. This lease was one of the means to deal with the big problem of land tillage and reclaiming, a wild-goose chase for a single farmer or entity.


The "Consorzio of Partecipanti" stores an historical record of the documents concerning the collective ownership of Persiceto land. This archive is kept in the building that is also legal lead office of the Consorzio and includes various documents: ancient enphyteutic acts of Nonantola's abbot and Bologna's bishop dating back to 1470, important notary deeds from XVI-XVIII centuries; more documents from XII and XIII century and old enphyteutic acts regarding the Consortium of Participants have been collected by the historical archive of San Giovanni in Persiceto municipality.


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To enter you must make a request to the President of the Consorzio dei Partecipanti in order to obtain the permission of the Soprintendenza Archivistica.

Pending clearance, scholars can examine inventory.



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