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A traditional and artistic local craft

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Ocarina by Fabio Menaglio - Comune di Budrio
Ocarina by Fabio Menaglio - Comune di Budrio

The ocarina is a popular musical wind-instrument in terracotta, made in various dimensions capable of playing concertos in various tonalities. It is precisely a fipple flute, that's to say it has a duct that directs the air onto the edge producing a distinct sound. The instrument resembles to a little beheaded goose, that's the reason for the name "ocarina", derived from the Bolognese dialect word "ucareina".


The first ocarina was invented by Giuseppe Donati in his hometown of Budrio, where other skilled ocarina-makers were born: Ercole and Alberto Mezzetti, Cesare Vicinelli, Guido Chiesa, Emilio Cesari and Arrigo Mignani continued the historical ocarina-making tradition that made Budrio famous all over the world.


When Mignani ceased his activity without leaving heirs, Fabio Menaglio makes his mind to become an ocarina maker.


After finding out the perfect shape and the right proportions, the prototypes of the Fabio Menaglio’s "Ocarina da Concerto" were tested by the musicians of the "Gruppo Ocarinistico Budriese", who appreciated the high musical standard achieved by these isntruments and dediced to adopt them instead of the less ones they had played for many years.


Trough a scrupulous and accurate production of excellent artistic quality, since 1990 Fabio has built up a solid net of international customers. One for all Japan, first foreign customer, where at present the Fabio Menaglio’s "Ocarina di Budrio" is much appreciated and marketed by firms leader in the musical instruments market.


Other counties wherein he has consolidated continuous supplies of ocarinas are Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherland and Canada.


People can learn more about the history of the ocarina by visiting the Museum of the ocarina and terracotta musical instruments of Budrio with hundreds of ocarinas, musical instruments, worktools, photographs, discs, scores and documents about local ocarina bands on display.


The ocarina is the protagonist of the biennal Ocarina Festival, on the occasion of which lots of ocarina players as well as lovers come from all over the world. 


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