Castello dei Ronchi


Castle of the Ronchi

Where: Via Argini Nord, 3277/b - 40014 Crevalcore (BO)

Castle of the Ronchi - Comune di Crevalcore
Castle of the Ronchi - Comune di Crevalcore

The Castello dei Ronchi, erected in an area of the same name (Ronchi) near Crevalcore, is composed of a 16th-century noble house and an elegant 18th-century church with an elliptical layout.


Restoration work on the frescoes in the noble house have confirmed the presence of the hand of the 18- year-old Agostino Carracci.


Today the building belongs to the local council and until the earthquake of May 2012 was used as an exhibition and cultural centre.


The Castello dei Ronchi used to host all sorts of events and initiatives, organized by the "I Sempar in Baraca" (Always a Party), an association which has been involved in promoting the history and traditions of Crevalcore and its surroundings. "The nineteenth century at Ronchi", a historical commemoration of the Napoleonic era with gastronomic stalls as well as entertainment initiatives, is proof of the association involvement in local promotion.



Castle closed for restoration work until further notice

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Info: Istituzione dei Servizi Culturali "Paolo Borsellino"
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Info about events: Associazione "I Sempar in Baraca"

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