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An evening with the history of jazz

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Zola Jazz&Wine goes back to its origin with images and suonds of the history of jazz.

On 26 May 2011, “My Main Man”, a documentary preview by Germano Maccioni, rediscovers the city of Bologna between 1950 and 1970, a twenty-year period when it was the cradle of a cultural, musical upheaval.

Jazz and good wine have been the formula for its success for 12 years letting concerts take place in the most famous wine firms of the territory, that have climbed up to six this year.


Next concerts

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How much blues meets jazz: from Montgomery to Davis

An evening dedicated to blues and jazz that combines Montgomery's unmistakable repertoire with Davis's musical elegance. The concert is followed by wine tasting (Bosco da uve Pignoletto wine) at Azienda Bortolotti, Via S. Martino, 1 - Zola Predosa (BO) - www.mariabortolotti.it - Ph. 051 756763

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Suite for quartet: a tribute to the great “Trane”
The ensemble pays tribute to the John Coltrane Quartet with the entire suite "A Love Supreme". The concert is followed by wine tasting (Classico Pignoletto Colli Bolognesi DOCG 2010 wine) at Azienda Manaresi, Via Bertoloni,14-16, loc. Bella Vista - Zola Predosa (BO) - www.manaresi.net - Ph. 051 751491

Where: Zola Predosa (BO)
Type: Music


  • Auditorium Spazio Binario Piazza di Vittorio 1 Zola Predosa (Bologna)
  • Azienda Santa Caterina via Risorgimento 209 loc. Ponte Ronca Zola Predosa
  • Azienda Terre Rosse via Predosa 83 Zola Predosa
  • Azienda Gaggioli via Raibolini il Francia 55 Zola Predosa
  • Azienda Lodi Corazza via Risorgimento 223 Loc. Ponte Ronca Zola Predosa
  • Azienda Bortolotti via S. Martino 1 Zola Predosa
  • Azienda Manaresi via Bertoloni 14-16  Loc. Bella VistaZola Predosa
When: from 26 May to 6 July 2011
Event timetable: all concerts will start at 21,15. The documentary preview will start at 21,00.

Entrance: Entry fee

- entire fee: 15,00 euros

- reduced fee: 13,00 euros (under 12, disabled people and their companion)

- reduced fee: 11,00 euros (university students)


Organisation: Comune di Zola Predosa - ComunicaMente

Info about concerts: ComunicaMente
Ph: 0039 051 6449699

Info about advance sale and booking: Ufficio IAT di Zola Predosa
Ph: 0039 051 752838

How to get there
Info on the tourist location

The UIT Colli Bolognesi (Tourist Information Office of the Bolognese Hills) is located at Villa Garagnani in Zola Predosa and it provides information about Zola Predosa and Casalecchio di Reno. It also provides information on Valsamoggia and Monte San Pietro.



UIT Colli Bolognesi c/o Villa Edvige Garagnani

Via Masini 11 - 40069 Zola Predosa
Ph. +39 366 8982707

Fax +39 051 752838


Opening times:

Monday 14:30-19:00

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9:30am-14:00

Saturday 9:00-13:00 and 15:00-18:00

Closed on Tuesday, Sunday and Holidays


U.R.C.A. - Sportello del cittadino [Ufficio Relazioni Cittadino Amministrazione] 
Sede Municipale – Piano terra Piazza della Repubblica,1 – 40069 Zola Predosa

Phone: 0039 051.6161610
Fax: 051.6161649/711
E-mail  urca@comune.zolapredosa.bo.it  

Opening times
Mon, Tue, Wed and Fri 7.45am-1pm

Sat 7.45am-12.30pm
Thu 7.45am-1pm, 2.30pm-6pm



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