Sagra della patata


Potato festival


Where: historical centre - 40019 Sant'Agata Bolognese (BO)
When: July 5-7, 2019



Sant'Agata Bolognese hosts the new edition of a festival completely dedicated to the potato.


This event gives its visitors a cross-section of history and nature in the Bolognese countryside as well as the chance to taste local gastronomic specialities, such tortelloni (stuffed egg pasta) with potatoes and gnocchi (homemade pasta obtained from wheat flour and potatoes) or original recipes, like potato ice cream.


Concerts of live music enrich the event, together with a raffle with great prizes as well as a traditional market.


Potatoes cultivation has a particular development in the Bolognese countryside. Even though in the past it was considered as the “fruit of the devil” because it grew underground, it fed European troops as they passed through the Bolognese territory and so it defended farmers' houses against the raids of the troops.


Info on the event

Timetable: food stand open on Friday night (limited menu); Saturday lunch and dinner; Sunday lunch with fixed menu, on reservation only (TEL: 051 956134 – Live music from 9.30PM

Entrance: free entry. A la carte menu

Organization: Parrocchia dei Santi Andrea e Agata in collaboration with the Comune di Sant’Agata Bolognese

Info: Comune di Sant'Agata Bolognese

Tel: 0039 051 6815932


Last update: 04-06-2019