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Entrance of the event - Comune di Granarolo dell'Emilia
Entrance of the event - Comune di Granarolo dell'Emilia

Verdevolo festival

Where: Via Massarenti 1 - Località Cadriano 40057 Granarolo dell'Emilia (BO)
When: May 28-29, 2016



A festival dedicated to the environment in the Verdevolo park at Cadriano.


Shows, meetings, exhibitions, sports and a bike ride on Sunday morning among the countryside lanes and biking trails of the area.


During this weekend you can have dinner at the Campus Adriani restaurant, open every evening and on Sunday also for lunch.

Info on the event

Organization: Comune di Granarolo dell'Emilia, association Campus Adriani and other local associations

Info: Associazione Campus Adriani

Ph. 0039 347 5746541

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Last update: 23-05-2016

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