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Sant'Agata in fiore

Stalls of flowers for "Sant'Agata in fiore"
Stalls of flowers for "Sant'Agata in fiore"

Flower market in Sant'Agata

Where: Via Circondaria Est - 40019 Sant'Agata Bolognese (BO)

When: May 1, 2015



Enjoy the springtime taking a walk along the big flower and plant market set in Via Circondaria Est, that will turn the town into a gardern with entertainment and fun opportunities. 


Some stalls will also sell handicraft, natural and organic products, items and accessories for gardening, ornamental decorations and outdoor furniture.


The food stand serves traditional crescentine and piadine with cold cuts.


In the same day the association "Prima o poi" organizes the non competitive race of self-made carts pushed by hands (the "Gara di carriolini").

Info on the event

Timetable: 8,00-19,00 
Entrance: free entry

Organization: Associazione Prima o Poi
Info: Servizio Sviluppo Economico
Ph. 0039 051 6818932

Come arrivare

Last update: 25-03-2015

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