Palazzo Minerva


Where: Via Roma, 2 - 40061 Minerbio (BO)

Palazzo Minerva theatre - Comune di Minerbio
Palazzo Minerva theatre - Comune di Minerbio

The design of Palazzo Minerva dates back to 1933 and it is attributed to the architect Gian Luigi Giordani. The structure has the Italian rationalist style, typical of the Fascist period, with a monumental concept of the buildings. It housed the "Casa del Fascio" and, after the fall of Fascism, it became "Casa del Popolo" (house of the people) with the conference room converted into the Minerva movie-theatre. It was renovated in 1995.


The movie-theatre offers a programme of drama, music and children's theatre. It can accomodate association meetings and social promotion appointments.


in theatre, an hour before the show

tel: 348/4777809


Rooms: 2
Places: 213
Person in charge: Mr. Camporesi

How to get there

Last update: 28-01-2019