Torre Colombaia


Colombaia tower

Where: Via Garibaldi, 1 - 40061 Minerbio (BO)

Colombaia tower - Comune di Minerbio
Colombaia tower - Comune di Minerbio

The large courtyard framing the complex of Rocca Isolani, close to the "Palazzo Nuovo" is a very elegant dovecote, the tower Colombaia, attributed to Jacopo Barozzi, called the Vignola.

Dating back to 1536, with an octagonal interior plan, it has a helicoidal wooden staircase and a complicated system of small cells created to host over 3,000 nests.

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Address: via Garibaldi, 44 - 40061 Minerbio (BO)

Ph.: +39 051 6611782 - 348 3551058


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Mon-Sat 9am-12pm


Last update: 10-07-2019