Chiesa di Santa Maria Lauretana


Church of Santa Maria Lauretana

Where: Via Savena Abbandonato, 28 - 40052 Baricella (BO)

Church of Santa Maria Lauretana (ph. by Alessio Garofalo)
Church of Santa Maria Lauretana (ph. by Alessio Garofalo)

Boschi is a nice group of houses, located at 5 kms from Baricella, originally separated by the now abandoned course of the Savena river, the bank of which have the typical marsh vegetation of the past.


On the right side of the village there is the church of Santa Maria Lauretana.


The church contains a beautiful wooden Madonna clothed in fabrics from the time of the original construction dating to the 17th century, substituted in the 19th century by the present building.

How to get there

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Address: Via Roma 76 - 40052 Baricella (BO)
Ph. +39 051 6622423 - 6622424

Fax +39 051 873399


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Monday - Friday  8am-12.30pm
Saturday 8am-12pm


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