Oratorio di Santa Maria del Corniolo


Dove: Via Savena Vecchia - 40052 Baricella (BO)

Oratory of  Santa Maria del Corniolo (Orizzonti di pianura)
Oratory of Santa Maria del Corniolo (Orizzonti di pianura)

Near the village of San Gabriele (4 kms from Baricella), it is worth noting the Church of S. Maria del Corniolo, consecrated in 1530, as can be seen on the plaque in the apse. 

The altar piece representing the Assumption, remodelled several times, dates back to the early 16th century.


Of the decoration from then, there survive two frescoes on the counterfaçade, as well as a highly interesting fragment with a floral and anthropomorphic motif, believed to be the work of Amico Aspertini, who was working in the same period on the decoration of the Rocca Isolani in Minerbio.



It is daily open from 6am-10pm.


The oratory is run by the parish church (ph. 0039 051 879104). The mass is celebrated only once in a year, on the Assumption day, on August 15th.

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