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Bagnarola Villas

Where: Via Armiggia, 42 - 40050 Budrio (BO)

Bagnarola Villas - Regione Emilia-Romagna
Bagnarola Villas - Regione Emilia-Romagna

In the surrondings of Budrio, the Bagnarola Villas are a gem which is worth a visit .


“A delightful place, more charming than any other”, the small area of Bagnarola (at 4 kms from Budrio) was chosen by some of the most prestigious Bolognese aristocratic families between the 16th and 18th centuries as the site to build their superb country residences.

 “The true highlight of all the society of the Bolognese villas”, Bagnarola’s most sensational feature is the Malvezzi-Campeggi complex, called the “Bolognese Versailles”. Composed of the Aurelio and Floriano villas, it is in the form of a horse-shoe with long, wide porticoes where a great fair was held.

Next to this, there is Palazzo Odorici, called Palazzo di Sopra (Upper Palace), with a corresponding villa to the north, the Palazzo di Sotto (Lower Palace), a 16th-century villa which Count Ferdinando Ranuzzi-Cospi rebuilt in the 18th century, giving it its present appearance, with a splendid three-arched loggia.


Aligned along its sides, there are two porticoed farm buildings. Two elegant, identical church façades complete the scene: the first is a real chapel dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption, while the second hides a large underground larder.


Villa Ranuzzi-Cospi is today the seat of the re-born “Notturni” Literary Academy and is an ideal location for public and private ceremonies, including meetings, literary, musical and theatrical events.


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Villa Ranuzzi-Cospi can be seen only from the outside, while the Aurelio and Floriano villas are open to the public on the occasion of events promoted by the Comune di Budrio.


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