Torta di tagliatelline, a tradition from lowlands


Typical "Tagliatelline" cake of Molinella

Where: Via Provinciale Inferiore, 69 - 40062 Molinella

"Tagliatelline" cake of Molinella - Comune di Molinella
"Tagliatelline" cake of Molinella - Comune di Molinella


According to folk tradition, the "Tagliatelline" cake is a typical cake of Molinella, which is awarded a De.C.O. (Municipal Denomination of Origin) label affixed to each package.

It is made from “natural and pooringredients and does not contain any brewers, colouring agents or preservatives. Even less-privileged families used to keep these products in their sideboards.

Its preparation requires particular manual dexterity skills in order to make thin sheets of pastry (the tagliatelline).


This cake, particularly popular in the countryside of Molinella, has been certified by the Molinella town council through an administrative act.


The De.C.O. (Denominazione comunale di origine, that is to say Municipal Denomination of Origin) is a Town hall “typicalness certification” for agroindustrial products which are not otherwise protected. Agroindustrial products can only be labelled as such if they come from Molinella territory and comply with the necessary preparation, marketing and sale formalities as well as the characteristics as provided in the Production Regulation issued by the Molinella town council.

According to article n. 7 of the Production regulation:
"The producer who use the De.C.O. label must throughly comply with the technical rules as provided in the Production regulation".


Company authorized to market the product in Molinella under the brand De.CO: Supercarni Golinelli, Via Provinciale Inferiore, 69.

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