Palazzo Bentivoglio Pepoli


Where: Via Tevere, 18 - 40069 Zola Predosa (BO)

Palazzo Bentivoglio Pepoli - Comune di Zola Predosa
Palazzo Bentivoglio Pepoli - Comune di Zola Predosa

Located in Zola Predosa, Palazzo Pepoli was commissioned in the 16th century by Alessandro Bentivoglio, son of Giovanni II, Lord of Bologna.

After the fall of the Bentivoglio family, the building passed into the hands of the Marescotti and then the Pepoli family, who were responsible for the 18th-century alterations in neo-Classical style, by the architect AngeloVenturoli.

Inside there is a rich collection of painted wooden ceilings. Next to the main residence, the stables, on two floors (horse-stable and hayloft), are today used as a multi-purpose space.

In the garden, remains of the numerous fountains and fish-ponds can still be seen, fed with water from the Lavino river


This building can be seen only from the outside.

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The UIT Colli Bolognesi (Tourist Information Office of the Bolognese Hills) is located at Villa Garagnani in Zola Predosa and it provides information about Zola Predosa and Casalecchio di Reno. It also provides information on Valsamoggia and Monte San Pietro.


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