Giulietta Masina


The actress native of San Giorgio

Giulietta Masina: a city and his star - Comune di San Giorgio di Piano
Giulietta Masina: a city and his star - Comune di San Giorgio di Piano

Minute physique, “misty eyelids” and “soul skin”, Giulietta Masina interpreted an archetype of melancholy, submissive femininity majestically, through a series of roles which became part of the history of 20th-century cinema.

Born in San Giorgio di Piano in February 22 1921 to a violinist and a schoolmistress, she lived in the house in the main street of the town, Corso Umberto I 24, nowadays via della Libertà 112. On the facade there is a commemorative plaque and in front of it you can find the Oratorio di San Giuseppe e della Natività della Madonna.


Giulietta moved to Rome and, in 1942, performed in a radio show where she met Federico Fellini. A year later they were married.

Already acting in her husband’s early films, in 1954 she was Gelsomina in La Strada, a role which brought her international recognition. There followed other great roles for Fellini (Le Notti di Cabiria, Giulietta degli Spiriti, Ginger and Fred) and others (Europa ‘51 by Rossellini, Fortunella by Eduardo De Filippo with Alberto Sordi, Nella Città d’Inferno by Castellani with Anna Magnani).

The winner of numerous awards, Giulietta died in Rome on the 23rd March 1994, a few months after the death of her Federico.

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A popular site for film-loving pilgrims is the Giulietta Masina's birthplace in San Giorgio di Piano.

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