Giulio Cesare Croce


Writer and playwright born in Persiceto

Giulio Cesare Croce - Comune di San Giovanni in Persiceto
Giulio Cesare Croce - Comune di San Giovanni in Persiceto

Giulio Cesare Croce was born in 1550 in San Giovanni in Persiceto. He died in Bologna in 1609.

Writer, singer-songwriter, playwright, and inventor of puzzles, he is the creator of Bertoldo, the coarse but quick-witted peasant central to the work “Le sottilissime astuzie di Bertoldo” (The subtle tricks of Bertoldo).

The tale telling of his adventures as he uses his ingenuity to reach the court of King Alboino, where he dies because he cannot eat “beans with onions and turnips cooked in ashes”.

A historical singer-songwriter and author of well-known popular poetry in Italian and Bolognese dialect, at his death he left a total of 478 books, of which about 300 still exist. He was the author of burlesque compositions, tragedies, poems, operettas, comedies and farces, many of which recall the Commedia dell’Arte and the atmosphere of carnival.


Bertoldo its the traditional character of the historical Carnival of San Giovanni in Persiceto that takes place on the last two Sundays before Lent.

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