Tortellino, the king of stuffed pasta


Traditional product

Tortellini of Bologna -  Regione Emilia Romagna (Fabrizio Dell'Aquila)
Tortellini of Bologna - Regione Emilia Romagna (Fabrizio Dell'Aquila)

The tortellini are the most classic and imitated pasta according to Bolognese gastronomical tradition undoubtedly.

Invented by the chef of anti-pope Alessandro V, the “navel of Venus” is made from delicate sheets of egg pasta rolled out by hand first, then closed around a filling of pork loin, ham, genuine mortadella of Bologna, Parmigiano Reggiano, eggs and nutmeg.


The recipe is deposited at the Chamber of Commerce on December 7th 1974 by the Bolognese delegation of the Italian Academy of Cooking, together with the Export Brotherhood of the Tortellino. Another sign of how eating is taken seriously in these parts. Each family, in fact, has its own recipe, which can undergo small variations and customizations.

Tradition then dictates that tortellini are rigorously cooked and served in meat broth. Should one wish to break this tradition, one should at least respect it for the cooking in broth. However, this is not a risk when eating in the “trattorie” (traditional restaurants) of the province.


Widespread throughout the territory of Bologna, in Malalbergo (BO) the filled pasta's king is the star of the Sagra del tortellino (Tortellino Festival), organized in the first two weekends of June.

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