Palazzo ex-Bonora - Comune di Galliera
Palazzo ex-Bonora - Comune di Galliera

Its name has all the history and beauty of this land: "Gal" in Celtic means border and "Lyr" water. Some experts think Galeria, its ancient name, comes from the arches built along the road to commemorate the victory over the Gauls. Some others think it was the name of the Roman Emperor Antonino Pio's wife who introduced a benefit to the county poor children.


Galliera, a meeting point for the waters of the Reno, the Emiliano-Romagnolo canal and the Napoleonic Tunnel, is immersed in gentle countryside enclosed by the sinuous lines of embankments.

Its territory consists of three inhabitations which together make up a single Council: Galliera Vecchia, San Venanzio and San Vincenzo.

In San Venanzio, opposite the church, there is Palazzo Bonora originally the residence of the Bonora family, agrarian merchants who for decades successfully managed the patrimonial estate of the "Duchy of Galliera".

Between Galliera, Pieve di Cento and Sant'Agostino (Province of Ferrara) there stretches a great natural monument, of notable environmental interest: the Bisana flood-plain woods , an example of humid river bank forest, once widespread across these lowlands.

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Distance from Bologna:
30 Km.
11/21 m.
5.439 (updated to January 1st 2016)
Market day:
Wednesday morning in San Venanzio; in Summer time also Thursday afternoon in San Vincenzo
Patron Saint:
San Venanzio (May 18th)
San Venanzio and San Vincenzo
Recurring events

August fair: early August, in San Venanzio


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Mayor's Office Staff (Segreteria del Sindaco)


Piazza Eroi della Libertà, 1 - 40015 San Vincenzo di Galliera (BO)

Ph.: +39 051 6672913 

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Opening times:

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri and Sat 8.30am-12.30pm

Wed 8.30am-1.30pm


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