Teatro consorziale di Budrio


Teatro Consorziale Theatre

Where: Via Garibaldi, 33 - 40054 Budrio (BO)

Teatro consorziale  di Budrio - Provincia di Bologna
Teatro consorziale di Budrio - Provincia di Bologna

The property since 1802 of the "Consorzio dei Partecipanti" (a form of labourers' cooperative) of Budrio, from which its current name derives, the Teatro Consorziale Theatre was founded in the 17th century as a private theatre in a bourgeois house, Casa Sgarzi. Throughout the 19th century, it quite regularly presented shows, particularly in the periods of carnival and the festival of San Lorenzo.

During the First World War, it was used as a military barracks and deposit for lime-flowers. From 1920 onwards, it was also used as a cinema and hosted rallies and assemblies: regular speakers here included Quirico Filopanti, Andrea Costa and Aurelio Saffi.

Built between 1924 and 1928, the new theatre is bell-shaped, with two galleries supported by slender cast-iron pillars, and a third central terrace. The sober polychromatic and golden decorations, in neo-Classical style, are the work of the painter Armando Aldrovandi. It was inaugurated on the 6th October 1928 with a performance of "La Gioconda" by Ponchielli.

With the dissolution of the "Partecipanza" in 1932, the theatre passed into the hands of the local council. Still today it offers rich seasons of prose works, ballets, opera and concerts; in 2005, it hosted the Mozart Orchestra conducted by Claudio Abbado.


The theatrical season is organized every year from October to May.


Since december 2018, the Theatre is temporarily closed.


Ph./Fax: 0039051 801300

Box office timetable:


- Tuesday and Saturday 9,00am-1,00pm

- Thursday and Friday 4,30pm-7,00pm

Closed on Mondays, Wednesday, Sundays and holidays.


The Box office is also open an hour before the beginning of performances and on Monday and Wednesday afternoon in the days of show.

Tickets may be purchased also online at www.teatrodibudrio.com

The theatre is open for free visits during the opening hours of ticket office or by appointment by calling 051 6928244.



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