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Palazzo Rosso


Where: Via Marconi, 5 - 40010 Bentivoglio (BO)

Palazzo Rosso, the Zodiac Room - Provincia di Bologna ( Photo by Paolo Barone)
Palazzo Rosso, the Zodiac Room - Provincia di Bologna ( Photo by Paolo Barone)

Overlooking the Navile Canal in Bentivoglio, there is Palazzo Rosso, today the local library.

Built by Carlo Alberto Pizzardi in 1897, it has splendid decorations by Achille Casanova, showing scenes typical of the local swampy areas.

A decorative masterpiece, the Zodiac Room is one of the greatest examples of Ars Æmilia.


The Palazzo Rosso is now home to the municipal library, the Town Council Room and cultural activities.


The "Zodiac Room", which has a capacity of 60 people, is used as an ideal location for meetings, exhibitions and weddings.


Ph. 0039 051 6640400 

Opening times:

- Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 2,00pm-7,00pm

- Wednesday 9,00am-2,00pm

- Saturday 9,00am-12,00

Closed on Sundays (except for extraordinary opening on the occasion of exhibitions and events), Mondays and holidays (25th December, 1st January, Easter Day and 1st May) and in August

Entrance: free admission


How to get there
Info on the tourist location

URP (Public Relations Office)
Via P. Pace, 1 – 40010 Bentivoglio (BO)
Opening times: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 8:30 – 12:30 Tuesday and Thursday 8:30 – 12:30am / 2:45 – 6pm (closed on Tuesday afternoon, on July, August, Christmas and Easter time)
Tel. 0039 051 6643511 - Fax 0039 051 66440908



Last update: 31-01-2019

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