Anzola dell'Emilia

Gelato Museum Carpigiani in Anzola dell'Emilia
Gelato Museum Carpigiani in Anzola dell'Emilia

The ancient name of this town, "Unciola", occured the first time in a document dating back to 888 and it derived from the ancient tradition of dividing land in ounces or part of it, called by the diminutive "onciola". Time turned it into the current Anzola.


Anzola dell'Emilia is situated in the rich plane along the Via Emilia, in the west side of the Bologna territory. It is part of the area called Terre d'Acqua (Water Lands), crossed by the Samoggia River and bounded by two more rivers, the Reno and the Panaro. The rich flow of these rivers is at the same time a great richness and a great threat. The Terramara of Anzola is the symbol of the ancient connection between man and water.

No to be missed in Anzola is the Gelato Museum Carpigiani dedicated to the artisan ice cream history.


The 13th century Torre di Re Enzo is the only remaining evidence of the ancient castle of the Lords of these lands.

In Anzola, there are also some of the most ancient parish churches of the Province. It is worth visiting the Badia of Santa Maria in Strada in over a thousand years of history.

While in the county town the Chiesa di San Pietro e Paolo, whose medieval origins can be seen in the 13th century baptismal font. 

More information
Distance from Bologna:
13 Km.
25/52 m.
12.267 (updated January 1st 2016)
Market day:
Patron Saint:
Santi Pietro and Paolo (June 29th)
Santa Maria in Strada, San Giacomo del Martignone, Lavino di Mezzo
Recurring events

Carnevale anzolese, Anzola Carnival: beginning of February

Festa di primavera (Spring festival), horse show, vintage car and motorbike rally: May
Anzola in fiera, Anzola Fair: June
Festa di Ferragosto: August 14

Festa dell'aratura (Plouging Festival), Festival of Santa Maria in Strada and Castrum Unciola: September
Festa di Anzola, Anzola Festival: first Sunday of October
Festa dei sughi, desserts made from cooked must: third week end of October.

Festa di San Martino: November 11


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URP (Public Relations Office)
Address: Via Grimandi, 1 - 40011 Anzola dell’Emilia (BO)

Ph: 0039 051 6502111 -  Fax:  0039 051 731598


Opening times:
Monday, Tuesday and Friday 8.45am-1pm

Wednesday and Saturday 8.45am-12pm

Thursday 8.45am-6pm (closed in the afternoon during July and August)


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