Viaggio nella Terra del Guercino


An itinerary to discover Guercino's birthplace and artworks

Where: from Pieve di Cento (BO) to Renazzo (FE)

"Annunciazione" by Guercino - M.A.G.I.  Museo delle eccellenze artistiche e storiche
"Annunciazione" by Guercino - M.A.G.I. Museo delle eccellenze artistiche e storiche


The history of Pieve di Cento is deeply tied up with the history of its "twin" city, Cento, located just beyond the river Reno and hometown of the painter Giovanni Francesco Maria Barbieri, also known as "Il Guercino".


We suggest an itinerary to discover some of the artworks of this great exponent of the art of Seventeenth century in Emilia. Unfortunately, some of the stop-overs are temporarily closed due to restoration works after the earthquake that hit the area in 2012.


Starting point of the tour is Pieve di Cento (BO), where the MAGI'900 - Museum of art and historical excellences (via Rusticana a/1) hosts the artworks saved from the collapse of Collegiata di Santa Maria Maggiore church during the earthquake of May 2012: among the 13 masterpieces of sacred art of XV-XVIII centuries there's also the impressive painting "Annunciazione" by Guercino. Another worthy stop-over in Pieve is the Pinacoteca civica (piazza Andrea Costa 10), recently reopened after the restoration works, where is possible to visit many paintings of Guercino's pupils, including Benedetto Zallone, from Pieve.


From Pieve di Cento, passing the Reno river, in 3 km is possible to reach Cento (FE), Guercino's hometown. Here is possible to visit the Guercino square, while unfortunately the Civic Gallery is closed due to restoration works, as well as are closed the Basilica di San Biagio, the Chiesa dei Servi and the Chiesa del Rosario.


Leaving Cento and moving for 3 km towards Corporeno (FE) one can find the Chiesa di San Giorgio (temporarily closed), where is held the famous altarpiece by Guercino "I misteri del Rosario" (The mysteries of Rosary), dating back to XVII century.

The itinerary comes to an end in Renazzo (FE), where the Chiesa of San Sebastiano (temporarily closed) displays the Guercino painting "Miracolo di san Carlo Borromeo" (San Carlo Borromeo's miracle).


Itinerary:  Pieve di Cento, Cento, Corporeno, Renazzo
Distance: 7,8 km
Duration: half day


Last update: 30-08-2019