In bici nella Terra del Guercino


By bicycle in the land of the Guercino

Where: Piazza Andrea Costa - 40066 Cento (BO)

Annunciazione del Guercino - Comune Pieve di Cento Archivio
Annunciazione del Guercino - Comune Pieve di Cento Archivio

The flat territory of Emilia is naturally perfect for relaxing cycling excursions.

Here, the bicycle is still the most common mean for short daily trips and for visitors to these lands, it can be nice to mix with the locals before setting off to visit the historical, artistic and natural beauty spots of the area.

The Churches of the Servi and the Rosario in Cento are open only on request.

Suggested itinerary:


Pieve di Cento (BO): MAGI'900  Museo delle eccellenze artistiche e storiche  Pinacoteca Civica - piazza Andrea Costa 10


Cento (FE): Porta Pieve, Piazza Guercino, Pinacoteca Civica (closed), Basilica di San Biagio (closed), Chiesa dei Servi e Chiesa del Rosario (closed) 

Corporeno (FE):Chiesa di San Giorgio (closed)

Renazzo (FE): Chiesa di San Sebastiano (closed)

Tot: 14 kms
Timing: 1h 45' + internal visits


Ufficio Informaturismo
Address: Via Guercino, 41 - 44042 Cento (FE)
Phone: 0039 051 6743334
Fax 0039 051 6843309


Last update: 30-08-2019