Ciclovia dei Gessi di Gaibola


Mountain biking in Gypsums' Park

Where: from the railway station of San Lazzaro di Savena to the station of Ozzano

Bike trail of the Gaibola's Gypsums
Bike trail of the Gaibola's Gypsums

A bike itinerary in the nature that crosses little hills and includes a few challenging rises. 


The ring itinerary can be started both from the San Lazzaro or the Ozzano railway station. From the starting point the itinerary reaches the "gates" of the peculiar park of the Gypsums, characterized by gypsum formations, karst phenomena, sinkholes, groves, fields, small cliffs and fluviale environment.


From the gates of the Park, the trail passes by Pizzocalvo and its little church, and then goes southward. The first fork gives the chance to make a small detour and visit the WWF Oasis "Molino Grande", on the Idice river.


Otherwise is possible to keep the main road and move along a dirt track towards the Karst environment of the Gypsum, between sinkholes, groves and the spectacular flowering of the springtime. Then the path goes along the dolinas called “Gaibola's holes”, "di Ronzana" and “dell’Inferno” and reaches the paved road "via dell'Eremo" that descends, on the right, to the valley floor Zena.


The itinerary passes by the Park Center "Luigi Fantini" and the near Farneto cave, of historic-archaeologic, educational and touristic interest, and reaches the locality La Cicogna, from which is possible to take again the bike path towards the San Lazzaro railway station or proceed along via Palazzetti towards the Ozzano station.


The itinerary is part of the 10 bike trails of the Emilia-Romagna Parks.

Note tecniche

Itinerary: Stazione di S.Lazzaro di Savena (62) - Pizzocalvo (72) - Oasi Molino Grande (82) - Ca' Bernacchi (93) - Via Gaibola (230) - casone Gaibola (240) - via dell'Eremo (93) - Centro Parco "Lugi Fantini" (83) - La Cicogna (75) - stazione di Ozzano (67) o nuovamente stazione di San Lazzaro (62).
Distance: 21 km
Elevation gain: 200 m
Duration: half day
Level: moderate (includes an uphill stretch of dirt road, not out of reach)

Per informazioni

Regional Park of Bolognese Gypsums and the Abbadessa Gullies

Via Jussi, 171 - 40068 Farneto di S. Lazzaro di Savena (BO)

Informations: 051/6254821 (leave a message)




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