Aemilia Ars


Artistic style of artisanal productions

Aemilia Ars lace - Association Punto antico
Aemilia Ars lace - Association Punto antico

The name of the arts and crafts style derives from the Aemilia Ars company, founded in Bologna in 1898 by the architect and restorer Alfonso Rubbiani and by count Francesco Cavazza in order to promote the production of jewelry, sculpture, wrought iron furniture, furnishings for the home of wealthy people.


The most interesting results were provided by the lace and embroidery activity, promoted by noblewomen Lina Bianconcini Cavazza and Carmelita Zucchini with the purpose of procuring a subsidiary industry to the working women "without diverting them from their family". The technique of embroidery and needle lace called Aemilia Ars is ispired by the Art Nouveau style, which departed from Bologna to conquer a group of people able to appreciate what is, simply, beautiful.


In order to keep alive this technique and craftsmanship two cultural associations are born: in Bentivoglio the group of Merletti di Antonilla Cantelli, the last great interpreter of the Aemilia Ars lace to which the members refer; in San Giovanni in Persiceto Il Punto antico.


The artifacts inspired by the Art Nouveau style or Liberty style (around subjects such as flowers, fruits, animals) range from doilies to tablecloths, from curtains to table covers up.

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