Alice Zeppilli


The soprano and Pieve di Cento

Alice Zeppilli portrait - IBC Regione Emilia Romagna
Alice Zeppilli portrait - IBC Regione Emilia Romagna

The famous soprano Alice Zeppilli's story is linked to Pieve di Cento: Alice's husband was born in Pieve and in Pieve the couple got a lovely villa where they passed several summers.

Loved and feted by the American public in the early years of the 20th century, Alice Zeppilli was an extremely fascinating soprano, who performed in the most important theatres in the United States with giants of the period, such as Enrico Caruso and Titta Ruffo.

A woman of uncommon beauty and an artist with universally appreciated stage technique, she also appeared to have good vocal technique and good taste in her choice of roles, gifts that were not so widespread at the time.

The continuous freshness of her voicea nd generosity on stage led her to perform in the afternoon of the 13th December 1913 as Gilda in Rigoletto as well as in the evening as Margherita in Faust: that was the day christened "Zeppilli Day" by the Chicago press.

Her figure and art not only fascinated opera-lovers of the time, but also struck the great Gabriele D’Annunzio, who defined her in his many letters as “my Cherub”.


Her husband, Giuseppe Alberghini, first violoncellist in Chicago, was also from Pieve, and Alice passed numerous summers in her lovely villa in Pieve during her career, as well as the last years of her life.


Named after Alice Zeppilli, the theatre of the “Palazzo pubblico” in Pieve contains photographs and personal objects belonging to the famous soprano. The Civil Museum, situated inside the “Rocca”, houses evidence, objects and photographic portraits of Alice Zeppilli.

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