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Hemp fiber museum

Where: Via Gramsci - 40066 Pieve di Cento (BO)

Hemp fiber museum - Comune di Pieve di Cento
Hemp fiber museum - Comune di Pieve di Cento

A museum with a new multimedia exhibition documenting the hemp processing, the most profitable economic resource in Pieve from the 19th century to the Sixties of the 20th century.


This activity involved sectors related to agriculture, to commerce, to crafts and early local industries. Inside Porta Asìa are exposed testimonies of all that concerned the work of this natural fiber, from seed to finished product.


On display there are tools of the trade. There are tools of the farmer who produced the hemp, those of the hemp comber, of the spinner who turned it into balls of yarn, of the the weaver who obtained the canvas. They are primitive objects, warn because in the long contested by strong, skilled and tireless hands.


"The work related to hemp - we read on the page dedicated to the museum on the site of the Minicipality of Pieve - was a patient art. An art made of hard work, skill, dedication, experience. Hemp was a treasure that provided a living to the vast majority of people of the village. A vital element that also urged the local pride aimed to obtain a product of high quality and value. The hemp in our area was among the most renowned both for the colour both for the strength of the fiber".


Timetable: the Museum is open by appointment.

Entrance: free entrance


Info: Servizio Cultura Unione Reno Galliera 

Ph. 0039 051 8904822/4829


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Address: Piazza Andrea Costa 17 - 40066 Pieve di Cento (BO)

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Last update: 21-09-2021