Intagli e intarsi di Sandro Zamboni


Wood's carvings and inlays by Sandro Zamboni

Where: Via Isolani, 24 - 40061 Minerbio (BO)

A work by Sandro Zamboni - Comune di Minerbio
A work by Sandro Zamboni - Comune di Minerbio

A permanent exhibition of inlays and pyrographs by Sandro Zamboni.


The underlying theme of the exhibition is wood, which the artist gives form and body through the technique of marquetry, turning them into real "paintings". Lights and chairoscuros, shadows, light beams or waves of the sea, sunsets or the peeling of an old brick porch are splashes of color that melt into fibers of the material used.


Born in Minerbio in 1937 in a historic family of carpenters, Zamboni began to get passionate to inlaying in 2005, several years after retirement, making about seventy works.

He has already presented an exhibition of his works in Bologna, three to Minehead and two in Brazil.


Ph. 0039 051 6611780 (URP Minerbio)

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Address: via Giovanni XXIII, 4 - 40061 Minerbio (BO)

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