Museo della preistoria Luigi Donini


Luigi Donini prehistoric museum

Where: Via Fratelli Canova, 49 - 40068 San Lazzaro di Savena (BO)

A hominid - Luigi Donini museum (Photo by Vanes Cavazza)
A hominid - Luigi Donini museum (Photo by Vanes Cavazza)

Using innovative exhibition methods, the museum illustrates the Eastern Bolognese territory from a twofold point of view: the environment, which is considered as a blending of nature and landscape, as well as the archaeological evidence of the earliest human settlements.


The reconstruction of Homo Erectus in the Ancestors’ Room and of the great animals of the last Ice Age (the Bison of the Steppes, the Megacero and the Cave- Hyena) present an extraordinary portrait of the life and environment of prehistoric times.

This highly original journey into the past is completed with relics from the Iron Age, in memory of Giovanni Gozzadini and the discovery of the Villanovan culture.


Winter timetable (01/10-31/05)

Monday, Tuesday and Friday  9,00am-1,00pm

Wednesday and Thursday  9,00am-5,00pm

Saturday, Sunday and holidays 9,00am-1,00pm and 3,00pm-6,00pm

Closed on 25th December, 1st January, Easter Day and 1st May

Summer timetable (01/06-30/09)

Tuesday - Friday  5pm-7pm

Saturday, Sunday and holidays 9am-1pm 

Closed on Monday and all month of August


- full-price ticket: 4,60 euros

- reduced-price ticket: 2,00 euros (youths aged 15 to 18 and over 60)

Free entry for children aged up to 14.

The museum is also available for guided tours by previous booking and didactic workshops.

Ph. 0039 051 465132



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