Gelato Museum Carpigiani


History, culture and technology of the artisan ice cream

Where: Via Emilia, 45 - 40011 Anzola dell'Emilia (BO)

Carpigiani's factory - Carpigiani Archival
Carpigiani's factory - Carpigiani Archival

A museum dedicated to the artisan ice cream history. The permanent exhibition is set up within 1000 meters squared, made by converting a portion of the Carpigiani factory in Anzola. 

The Gelato Museum Carpigiani is proclaimed as the first in the world dedicated to the history, culture and technology of one of the gastronomic symbols of the "made in Italy".

The museum is laid out in five major areas:

- From wells of snow to sorbet (12th century B.C. – 12th century A.D.)
- The "gelato" and the birth of a noble craft (16th - 18th century)
- Rise and global spread of ice cream (19th - 20th century)
- From ice and sugar to new technologies (1900-1950)
- Italian ice cream makers and producers come together: ice cream as a flagship for the Made in Italy (1950-1985)

Each topic explores various aspects such as the transitional use of ice from a food item to a tool; the ancestor of sorbet through the discovery of recipes dating back to the 11th century; the use of "gelato" in the Court banquets to give luster to the noble families.Unique in the world is the space devoted to manufacturing methods, closely related to the finished product: from the oldest sorbet-maker to the modern pasteurizers and emulsifier machines.

A laboratory reproduces some historical recipes to be tasted and compared with the modern "gelato". Some videos, made with the leading figures in the world of ice cream, bring living testimonies about the history, manufacturing and consumption of ice cream.


Timetable: Tuesday to Saturday from 9 to 18 by appointment only

Entrance: - full-price ticket: 7,00 euros - reduced-price ticket: 5,00 euros (youths aged 3 to 13 and disabilities and their carers, carers groups and school groups, ICOM members)

Free entry for children under 3 years.

The museum is also available for guided tours

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Address: Via Grimandi, 1 - 40011 Anzola dell’Emilia (BO)

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Opening times:
Monday, Tuesday and Friday 8.45am-1pm

Wednesday and Saturday 8.45am-12pm

Thursday 8.45am-6pm (closed in the afternoon during July and August)



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