Osteria Nuova Railway Station in Sala Bolognese


The Osteria Nuova Railway Station, 4 kms. far from Sala Bolognese, is located on the line Bologna-Verona and is managed by Trenitalia (National Railway Company).


The station has no ticket office, so you'll need to buy a ticket in advance.


Near the station you can get bus connections to Bologna and Calderara di Reno.


Where: Via Berlinguer - 40010 Sala Bolognese (BO)


Car, motorcycle, bicycle parking: available

Automatic ticket office: not available


Ticket Sales:

  • Osteria Nuova di Sala Bolognese: tobacconist's (Tabaccheria, via Gramsci 218; Bar tabacchi, via Gramsci 125)


Info on the tourist location

City of Sala Bolognese - Culture Office (Ufficio Cultura)


Address: Piazza Guglielmo Marconi 1 - 40010 Sala Bolognese (BO)

Phone: +39 051 6822535 | 0516822531

Opening times:

Tuesday 9am-12pm

Thursday 3pm-7pm


Last update: 20-12-2016